Can You Help With Our History?

Its 70 years since the Brigade was formed in 1952 and to mark the occasion we are documenting our history.

Most people in our community have some anecdote to tell about our Brigade and their personal experiences during fires, or even pile burns.

The best way to get them to us is to jot down your recollections in an email and send it to:

Another option is to record your recollections on the Brigade Facebook page:

Some of your material may end up in our book and some may end up on our website. 

The book is still in the planning stage and we are looking to incorporate some or all of the following:

  • Kurrajong Heights Geography and Risk Factors
  • Before White Settlement
  • Early settlement and fire challenges to 1900
  • 1900-1952 and the Brigade Formation
  • Establishment of local resources formalised
  • Development of Brigade and Assets
  • Fires 1952 – 2002
  • Philosophy of the Brigade
  • Recollections of Members
  • Going Forward

The Scrapbook

Do you have any clippings that mention the Brigade or bushfires in the district?

We also want to build a scapbook and the basis will be the Brigade’s own collection like this example here: