The old tanker is on the left and the new one on the right.

There is a massive amount of kit carried on the vehicles and it all had to be transferred across to the new machine. The lockers were not sized the same, so there were some issues getting all the hoses to fit, and the new tanker dedicates the bulk of one locker to a fridge. Its going to be really appreciated on the fireground, but it created a challenge fitting everything else in.

There are quite a few differences between the two vehicles. The obvious one is the remotely controlled monitor on the front bull bar.

The pump can be started from within the cabin and the monitor is then controlled by the joystick and the toggle switches. Check out the picture below.

The gearbox is automatic. This can be a benefit in soft ground where you can lose momentum when changing down a gear, but it doesn’t look to provide the same retardation on a hill descent as the manual box in the old tanker. This is the view from inside the cabin:

After a few hours work we got everything packed away. It just remained to wave goodbye to the old truck!

More photos are here.


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