Invariably we will lose power when there is a fire nearby.  A generator will ensure that you can still use your electric water pump and can also be used to keep your fridges and lights going.

You can get your electrician to wire a changeover switch into your main switchboard so you can switch over from mains power to generator power. The little Honda generators are the minimum size for the job and are also great to take on a camping or caravanning trip.

Fire Pumps

A good quality fire pump will ensure you have water pressure even when the electricity has gone off. Buy a couple of long hoses with the pump and make sure that they will reach all around your house. 

The fuel in the pump will go off over time. Make sure you run the pump every couple of months and keep replenishing the fuel to ensure it is fresh.


Mounting sprinklers on your roof is one of the best ways to protect your home or shed. You should run enough pressure in the pump to spray not only the roof but also a few meters all around the house.

The water that lands on the roof will end up back in your water tank if you don’t put stoppers in the down pipes.