We’re 70 Years Old in 2022!

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We have a proud history in the Kurrajong Heights Brigade. 

We have never lost a home on the Mountain but homes have been lost in surrounding areas,

Formation & Early Days

Our Brigade was established in 1952. The “Mountain Devils” were born!

Mountain Devils are the lovely red flowers that you can see in our bushland. This one was photographed alongside Donnas Track which formed a containment line during the Gospers Mountain Fire. It runs from Patersons Ridge Trail down into the Grose Valley.

There were only a small number of families living on the mountain in 1952 and everyone pitched in. Hazard reduction was a walk on a Sunday afternoon with a box of wax matches.

The Land Rover

The first fire engine was the Land Rover ute which is still in the fire shed. You’ll also see some knapsacks and flat shovels in the back of it along with a water tank and a fire pump.

Fire Shed Opened

The fire shed was opened in 2004 when the picture below was taken. Then Commissioner Phil Koperberg is sitting in the truck.  Many members are still with the Brigade. Arthur Poole seated and wearing a jacket was one of the original brigade members.

Developing Mosaic Burning

The Brigade concept of mosaic burning for hazard reduction was a continuation of what the locals had been doing prior to the formation of the Brigade.

Submissions to Enquiries and Royal Commissions

The Brigade has made a number of submissions to Federal and State Government enquiries over the years. 

See the  Information section for copies of these.

RAFT Team Development

The Brigade played a significant part in the development of the concept of Remote Area Firefighting and our Captain, Brian Williams, was the Team Leader of the hawkesbury RAFT Team for 11 years, standing down in 2016.

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