Oil Spill on Bellbird Hill

One of the Brigade’s more interesting callouts in the last couple of months was to an oil spill on Sunday 4th February just coming up Bellbird Hill before Kurrajong North Public School.

A large old double decker bus was being towed behind a reasonably heavy duty tow truck that was itself on Historic Registration. The tow truck spilled its guts all over the road and we had to put a stop/go in place while the oil was mopped up.

Structure Fire on Mill Rd

On 20th November the Brigade was called to a fire at a shed on Mill Rd, Kurrajong Hills. The fire had a good hold when the Brigade arrived and while it was extinguished quickly there was significant damage to the contents of the shed.

Pole Alight at Bilpin

Power poles are tricky to extinguish as the wires are invariably live and if you connect a stream of water to a live wire you’ll likely electrocute whoever is holding the nozzle!

In this instance a cross piece had collapsed and had fried all the telephone cables that were also carried on the same infrastructure. Twisted pair phone cables are designed to carry 5v … not 420v!

Concrete Spill on Bellbird Hill

On Saturday 16th December 2023 the Brigade had to move quickly to clean up a concrete spill on Bellbird Hill before the concrete set. Don’t think our koalas would have liked that!

Pole Alight on Bells Line of Road

The pole was directly across the road from the Archibald Hotel … in fact you can see the sign for the pub in the first photograph.


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