Our history will look back to before the time of white settlement and will document the history of fire in the district. Kurrajong Heights has been subject to enormous change over this time being developed as a resort with visitors from Sydney looking to escape the heat and arriving by train on the Pansy and taking a horse and carriage up to the Heights.

They were accommodated in guest houses like Belmore Lodge and Mountain View and were very well looked after. But there wasn’t a big population on the Heights and just about every able bodied man would pitch in and help when a bushfire was about.

It’s all a far cry from today where we have a big shed and a couple of shiny fire trucks!

Many of our older residents will have memories of the fires and the Brigade. If you can help us with stories and anecdotes please email Julie Braithwaite at history@khrfs.org.

Read some more about the project and the book we’re doing here.


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