Once a year we hold an Open Day for the Community. Its a chance for us […]
The $811,695 federal grant to the Kurrajong Heights Bowling Club has created a state-of-the-art staging facility for RFS fire trucks. Last Saturday we went and tried it out.
A new App replaces Fires Near Me and may have already done so at the last phone update. Look out for the light blue symbol of NSW State with an ! in the triangle.
Karen Hodges ASFM launches the Brigade's book on its 70 year history and the history of fire in the district at a well attended gathering of the Kurrajong Heights community at the Xmas party at the Ridge.
The new national Fire Danger Rating System was introduced on September 1st. Please read our full explanation of the new system.
Diane Williams, wife of our Brigade Captain Brian Williams and an active member of our brigade, […]
Andrew Jones,Deputy Brigade Captain and Duncan Murison, Facebook admin presented an award to Ricky at the […]
On Saturday 29th February our community gave us a party to thank the Brigade for all […]