Special BOM Weather for the RFS

The BOM provides some specific services for the RFS. To access the main Fire Weather page click this link and use:
Login:  bomw0107  PW: 50cLampe

Click on the RFS Fire Weather Portal link and you will see the Home page with an overview of all the services available to members on the site. Of specific interest is the Weather Viewer which has a considerable amont of function as seen from all the different layers that can be selected in the panel on the right.

The Details tab allows you to click any location on the map and a detailed 7 day forecast will appear in the panel on the right.  You can play through the forecast using the button at the base of the screen. 

The BOM also produces detailed forecasts for current incidents and these are available here.  See an example in the picture below:

The Fire Weather Briefing Tool displays on opening Fire Danger Rating, Temps, Relative Humidity and Wind Magnitude in a single display. Click on any of the four maps and you can move the map with the mouse and zoom with the mouse wheel. The settings tab allows you to select what you want to display with each of the screeens being selectable.  See all three examples below: